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a train ride with MX

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Normally, I read MX magazine on the train to distract myself on my journey. I find that the articles within the newspaper have limited substance.
Despite this, Monday’s MX captured my attention. The image below depicts a man patching a wall with lego pieces. This image was taken at the “dispatch workshop” at Madrid’s Matadero Cultural Centre, which aimed at exploring new ways of repairing things by using unusual, simple or everyday materials.
This photograph is not only interesting, but the concept behind it links directly to the work were trying to do in Kensington Street, as we are intervening with the site, and ultimately forming a critical and personal opinion as to what the future of the site should be. The man depicted in the image below is ultimately patching the wall with lego pieces. This commercialised and toy material used to mend the wall is completely juxtaposed to the condition and nature of the original structure, hence enhancing a message about restoration.

"All in all, they're just another brick in the wall"


Written by katmcmahon

May 2, 2011 at 10:01 am

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