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The final All Program Lecture was conducted by Anthony Gill Architects (AGA). Ultimately, I’ve got to say that I did not attend the final lecture series, but I looked through the designs that were showcased on AGA’s website, and they were amazing. The structures that are created by these designers simply fit into the natural surroundings, whilst creating somewhat groundbreaking ideas and architecture. The following image showcases a Surry Hills House. When I first looked at the webpage, I was trying to find the design that was created on the street. I then saw this amazing terrace, which is hosued between two traditional structures, that you would normally see in Surry Hills. I think the main reason I did not initially realise the difference and variation which is seen in the image below between the structures is because of the materiality of the build. The colour palette and also the structural nature of the building are much the same of the ones that it is housed next to. The tonal and almost greyscale colour palette allows this revolutionary and very modern build to seamlessly fit into the street-scape. Ultimately there is a strong juxtaposition that lies within the structures. Your comparing a completely new build to a federation stylised terrace, but they have built this cleverly enough for a seamless and almost un-noticable transition to be made when looking at the varying facades.


Written by katmcmahon

May 29, 2011 at 3:03 pm

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